The Clubs

The Breakfast Club

The club opens at 7.30am, which enables parents to drop their children off at school and get to work. We engage in energetic activity and games which are designed to make the children more alert and ready to learn the moment they enter the classroom, thereby maximising their intellectual potential. Breakfast follows the activities and consists of a choice of cereals and toast with a variety of spreads and a cup of Juice/Water. This club is available to all schools. If you feel the parents of your school could benefit from this service, please recommend us to the Head teacher or Deputy.

After School Club

This club opens at the end of the school day and closes at 6pm. It is split into two sessions. The first of which consists of a games and sports programme which rotates on a daily basis. Tea is served at around 4.40pm, toasted sandwiches with a wide variety of fillings are available together with fruit and a glass of juice or water. The second session is leisure orientated. Wii Sports, Jenga, Connect 4, Junior Scrabble, and Chess & Draughts are among the most popular games available

Holiday Club

Our holiday clubs are extremely popular and therefore well attended. The programme consists of sports and games in the mornings. They rotate daily on a three week cycle so your child will play different sports and games each day. The afternoon session consists of leisure activity such as Arts & Crafts, Cinema room, Games room, trampolining and orienteering. We would like the Holiday play scheme to be considered as an alternative to your children being sat at home on the computer or watching television. It would be great if they came along to play games, make friends, meet and conquer new challenges and let off some steam.

In addition to the above we can also accommodate your PPA needs during the school day by devising tailor made sports programmes which encourage team play or anything else that the school may have identified as being more beneficial for its pupils.

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